November 2019

GOAL Meeting Hosted by GSTT

14.00 – 14.05; Welcome and introduction

Dr Marwa Salman, Consultant anaesthetist, GSTT


14.05 – 14.20; Management of parturients with spinal instrumentation: an OAA-approved survey of practice

Dr Marwa Salman


14.20 – 14.45; Myaesthenia gravis in pregnancy

Prof. Cathy Nelson-Piercy, Professor of Obstetric Medicine & consultant obstetric physician, GSTT


14.45 – 15.10; Strengths for weaknesses – anaesthesia and respiratory critical care for parturients with neuromuscular disease

Prof. Nicholas Hart, Professor of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine, King’s College London

Dr Lindsay Arrandale, Consultant anaesthetist, GSTT


15.10 – 15.35; Sashidharan audit prize presentations

‘We need to talk about failed intubation’- Are we following the 2015 OAA_DAS Guidelines? F Schwartz; Kings College Hospital

Antenatal management of iron deficiency anaemia in women presenting for operative delivery- audit of current practice. A. Walls; Hillingdon Hospital

Maternal mental illness- implications for anaesthetic service. P Shinde, Homerton University Hospital


15.35 – 16.00; Tea/coffee Break


16.00 – 16.15; Seizures in pregnancy

Dr Nhat Nguyen-Lu, Consultant anaesthetist, GSTT


16.15 – 16.40; Neurosurgical conditions in obstetric patients

Prof. Mark Wilson, Professor of Brain Injury & consultant neurosurgeon, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust


16.40 – 1700; Post-partum neurological deficits

Dr Paul Holmes,Consultant neurologist, GSTT


17.00; Prize giving & close