April 2017

GOAL MEETING-28th April 2017
Hosted by Watford General Hospital
14:00-14:05- Welcome. Dr Beena Parker. Consultant Anaesthetist

14:05-14:40- AFE -Lessons learnt Dr Srinath Sudunagunta Consultant Anaesthetist, Dr Saravanan Rathinam Consultant Anaesthetist,Dr Serena Elliott, Dr Ken Tring, Dr Anoop Patel, Registrars Anaesthetics.

14:40-15:05-How my role as an MBBRACE investigator has changed my clinical practice. Dr Michelle Soskin. Consultant Anaesthetist

15:05-15:35- TEA

15:35-15:40- DREAMY STUDY- Information Update

15:40-16:10-CTG update for anaesthetists. Dr Nanda Shetty. Consultant Obstetrician

16:10-16:25- Case report-Accidental epidural syntocinon. Dr Sheh Shah. Registrar Anaesthetics

16:25-16:40- Occipital Nerve block for PDPH-is this the way forward. Dr Attam Singh. Consultant Chronic Pain and Anaesthetics.

16:40-17:00- Chlorhexidine Spray droplets-Extent of spread. Dr Rajesh Shankar Speciality Doctor Anaesthetics

17:00-17:10- Closing