April 2015

Group of Obstetric Anaesthetists in London (GOAL)

Friday 17th April 2015 2-5pm

Venue: Royal College of Anaesthetists, Red Lion Square, Holborn

Hosted by St Thomas’ Hospital obstetric anaesthetists

Bleeding problems and neuraxial blocks

Welcome and Introduction

Dr Ben Fitzwilliams, Lead Obstetric Anaesthetist

Case report – An epidural complication

Dr Wint Mon, Specialist Trainee Anaesthetics

What is normal practice? A survey

Dr Marwa Salman, Specialist Trainee Anaesthetics

What do platelets matter?

Dr Susan Robinson, Consultant Haematologist

Platelet thresholds and epidurals

Dr Ben Fitzwilliams


How and why to use neuraxial ultrasound

Dr Nat Nguyen-Lu, Consultant Anaesthetist

Case presentation, a haematology case

Dr Wessam Nabieh, Specialist Trainee Anaesthetics

Acute Kidney Injury in obstetrics

Dr Anita Banerjee, Consultant Obstetric Physician

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